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Thread: Bully eats really fast

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    Default Re: Bully eats really fast

    We have brought ruby a slow down bowl with all humps in it it did slow her down a lot but she did snort and grunt more haha we also got her a bowl with a floater bit in the middle so she don't have to stick her whole mouth in the bowl :-) thanks again peeps x

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    Default Re: Bully eats really fast


    This was a good read. I have many bulldogs and everyone of them gulps. Only one of them ever had any problem with throwing up after eating.

    I use a kibble that is very small. Easy to swallow so this avoids any choking...99% of the time. But every time I feed them I stand there and WATCH them closely. they eat in 45-90 seconds depending on the size of the dog and how much food they get. I did have to do the Heimlich on one of them. I could tell right away from the color of the tongue turning pale blue. One squeeze and she was fine.

    Scared me to death !

    I think I will look into the slow-feed bowls first. I think the balls would freak out my dogs too much?

    Good Day~

    "Opinions are FREE, Suggestions are TRUSTED, Advice is RESPECTED" bwl @2013

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