We lived in the nineth floor when we had Usko and it was christmas. we slept with him in the living room floor next to his grate for the first week and took him out about every two hours, also at night, for about one month and then slowly increasing the time. Or my hubby did, cause it's easier for him to get to sleep again. Usko had a crate and a pen around it and also pads in the pen for when we had leave him for longer time, never only in his crate. He also had water available 24/7. He looked like he was trained at 4 months, but had a set back and we had to take him out again at night every 3 hours for awhile. For sure there was no accidents when he was 6 months. I' m sure that some have had their dogs house trained faster, but in any case it takes time and patience. The more you see trouble the faster he gets it and the more you don't....the longer it takes.