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Thread: Holy Hair!!!! a must buy!!

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    Default Re: Holy Hair!!!! a must buy!!

    The Zoom Groom is wonderful. I was so surprised how much hair came off both Wilson, and Jack. And that was brushing them with it dry. Can't wait to see how it works when I give them a bath. Emma right now has very soft hair so it doesn't work too good on her but the other two, well it was snowing hair. for the Zoom Groom.

    Thanks Megan!!!
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    Omg, I must get one. All I hear is "Look, Beefy makes it snow", "ughhh, mom had Beefy in the FJ and didn't put down the seat cover", "I cant find the lint remover brush" blahh blahhh blahhh. Bunch of whiny babies!

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