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    Quote Originally Posted by gunnyboy View Post
    Lol good one!!
    i knew you would like that! There are a few bullies from the breeder I got Coop from that are around 12-14 years old! So Gunny could still have a few more years around his belt....He has a great daddy so he has a reason to live a long healthy life!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poppy View Post
    Well not me personally, but you know how bulldog people just seem to find each other? Well I was walking Poppy and this lady ran out of her house to talk to me. Turns out she has 3 bullies, momma was 19, her son was 15ish, and the 3rd (unrelated) bully was 7 or so. The momma has since passed but I was just so amazed. They all seemed very mobile, even the 19 year old. She was going bizerk barking at me through the window (well they all were). I have also met a lot of 10-13 year old bulldogs, they seem to have a smaller body size in common. Maybe 30-40lbs.
    19 and 15!? I thought you mistyped at first. I know a lot of it is genetics, but I wonder what she's feeding them.
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    I will ask her next time I see her. She lives a few blocks from me and sprints out of her house to see the bullies

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