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Thread: I'm freaked out... dog theft? a real threat?

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    Default Re: I'm freaked out... dog theft? a real threat?

    Uggh this is so scary and makes me really nervous. I've always been worried about theft. Delilah is microchipped and wears an ID tag.

    She's never really unsupervised. I let her out in the fenced in yard to go potty but she comes right back in..she's not out there long and I watch her. She's always around me when we're out. I'm constantly getting asked about how much Delilah was and I don't feel comfortable answering. People are always asking about if I would breed her too and I always explain she's spayed.

    and now I'm paranoid about my car. o.o I have a "peace, love, and english bulldogs" license plate frame, a sticker that says, "there's no love like bullie love" and a bulldog decal on the side window. yikes..

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    Default Re: I'm freaked out... dog theft? a real threat?

    [QUOTE=Poppy;145299]Oh man you guys are freaking me out! We've had loads of contractors in our home lately since we are getting our basement done.

    I would definately take extra measures after having contractors in the house !!

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    Default Re: I'm freaked out... dog theft? a real threat?

    There is always AngiesList for background checking contractors.
    I've been told not to take Amelia, my hedgehog, out for these exact reasons.

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