-abraham-jpgAbraham is 10 + years old and was abandoned by his owner prior to coming to us in late January of 2014. Some of Abraham's health problems will require lifelong care and treatment. Upon intake, Abraham had an upper respiratory infection and was so overweight at 85 lbs that he couldn't get up on his own and could only take a few steps with assistance before tiring and sitting. Abraham's ears ar...e calcified thereby requiring lifelong flushing and packing with antibiotics and due to chronic dry eye he requires eye drops twice a day, which he doesn't like and are difficult to administer. Abraham currently has a yeast infection in his tail pocket due to it's configuration and some in his deep skin folds. He also has a bacterial infection between his pads and is taking medications for both problems. Abraham is severely arthritic and has difficulty getting up and requires arthritis medication 2 x day. He eats a special metabolic diet on which he has lost approximately 9 lbs. since intake. Abraham doesn't play with toys but does relish a good chew type bone once in a while. Abraham has learned to navigate steps without assistance, however this will become more problematic with age. Abraham likes people and most dogs, however he would not do well with small children because he does not like having his eyes touched (which a child may inadvertently do). Abraham has trust issues that his foster home is trying to overcome. HOW TO ADOPT:

Here is the site for Buddies thru Bullies.

Thank you so much for taking the time and considering one of these orphan Bulldogs.

If you are interested in adopting, go to http://www.buddiesthrubullies.org/ and fill out an application.

To view more Bulldogs for adoption through Buddies thru Bullies, click the link below:

Note: the above link is the best way of obtaining info on available bulldogs as it is updated more frequently at the present time. (10/31/13)


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