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    When we got Vinny from the breeder they had him on Science Diet and after researching foods we put him on Avoderm, because it had a lot of good reviews. He seems to be doing okay on it at first. But now I am not so sure.
    Vinny will have normal formed poop for 4 days, followed by a day or 2 of mushy, runny poop. Is this a puppy thing? Or the wrong food? Also he could clear out a room with his gas. I know bulldogs can be very gassy, but how much gas is normal?
    I am trying to decide if I need to find a new food for him, or if this is normal for a puppy?

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    Default Re: Dog Food etc.

    How long has be been on the avoderm? Sometimes it can take a bit for them to get used to the new food but if it's been over a month I'd say it just may be the wrong food. Or it could possibly be something else like an internal parasite. If you are still in the process of the switch make sure to always do so slowly.

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    He has been on Avoderm for about 3 weeks.

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    Is it possible you are overfeeding? The guide on the bag is usually wrong. How much are you feeding? How many times a day?

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