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With the question of either going with regular puppy or large breed puppy formulas, i have been told by a couple of bulldog owners that they keep their english bulldog puppies on a small breed puppy formula (not specifically Orijen but in general) because of the extra fat % it contains. According to them "it keeps the puppies looking full and healthy". It makes a little sense to me but I'm not sure if its the best option instead of the large breed. Have you heard anything like this or have done this yourself?
Your concern is valid! I had such a difficult time deciphering the quality and content of kibble!! There is SO much to know. I think it best to keep a journal, that way you know first hand the reactions Broly is having. You really can't go wrong in starting out w/a high quality food, you may end up having to switch due to allergies/growth/ect… Try not to be overwhelmed by opinion and watch Broly's stool, skin/fur reaction…Also, you may want to keep some pumpkin in your cabinet.
I have not tried Orijen, but have read a lot of good things about it. We switched from a "not so great" puppy food (that the breeders started him out on to, I think, Blue, then Pioneer, ended up w/Fromm). I'm still in the learning phase too w/kibble!