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Thread: Food Transition from Weight Loss and vomiting

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    Default Re: Food Transition from Weight Loss and vomiting

    Quote Originally Posted by Forest Coffman View Post
    Hello, thank you so much for all your advice. Sorry to respond so late but our family has had a lot on our plate as of late. To make a long story short Hercules ended up being diagnosed with congestive heart failure. His neck has become so big with fluid that it is weighing down his lip. I feel the rainbow is coming soon for my dear old friend. The vet and I both agree he doesn't have to much time left given his age. We will try the meds
    for a couple of weeks to see if they can bring down the edema and then decide what we should do. He does a lot of sleeping and little eating at this point, this has to be the hardest decision I will have to make in my life. I just want him to be comfortable and be at peace. We have been blessed with over 11 years which is amazing for a bulldog. i ask for prayers for our family as Hercules is deeply loved by us all. Thank you guys.
    sending prayers and positive thoughts to you all.... (((hugs)))
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    Default Re: Food Transition from Weight Loss and vomiting

    Best wishes to Hercules and his family.

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