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Thread: Peanut butter ok?

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    Default Re: Peanut butter ok?

    We give Frank peanut butter in moderation but we go to a place that grinds it right there in front of you and doesn't add anything. We don't buy peanut butter from the pet store either because some of the added ingredients are wheat and soy.
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    Default Re: Peanut butter ok?

    Whole Foods or Mothers Market - (health conscious grocery places) sell the peanuts attached to a grinder which give you the peanut butter.
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    Default Re: Peanut butter ok?

    Quote Originally Posted by RiiSi View Post
    I'm curious to know when and for what you would use peanut butter as a treat?
    I have used it for medication courses in the past (antifungal, antibiotic, steroid) and now use it for the occasional Benadryl tablet. I do not know how I would have gotten her to take all that medicine, especially the giant antibiotic capsules, if not for PB. It takes a very small amount (1/8 teaspoon!) to disguise the Benadryl tabs and she doesn't seem to suspect I'm not giving her plain PB. She is very suspicious of any interventions, so this is a major win for us.

    After she gets the pill I usually give her a second pill-free tiny PB treat to ensure she swallows the pills as PB is sticky stuff. She actually gets excited when she sees me dig into the box of Benadryl b/c she associates that with getting PB. Runs from bottles, but gets very excited when she sees a jar because she hopes it's peanut butter!

    It also worked fantastically to stop her recent head tremor episodes so I will always keep some handy. For both of these episodes she was in her own world until I said "Let's get some peanut butter," at which point she responded to me. The tremors then stopped as soon as she started chewing the PB.

    We have also used a mash of freshly ground flax seed and PB as training treats as she is allergic to so many other things. I bring those with us to the vet so our vet can give her a treat that won't exacerbate her allergies.

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