I am only giving them the fish oil every other day to make sure it's not too much for them. I gave them both a good oatmeal bath last night. Ellie was a perfect example of a well mannered bulldog in the tub. I was so surprised!!! Her face is no longer bright pink it has calmed a lot. Her nose wrinkles are beginning to look better there is one worse than the other. Jagger I believe is just his skin being itchy from allergies. But I have a wrap on his neck to keep him from scratching an area he irritated. But they are both going in the morning to the vet. I want them to look at Jagger skin just to make sure it nothing but his allergies. And Ellie is getting heart worm tested and a spray for her skin and an ointment for her wrinkles. I went today and picked up Jagger's prescription allergy medicine. They are both being fed well. A diet of boiled hamburger- rice - peas and eggs blended up with the shells that are scrambles- and a supplement.