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Thread: 2 ?'s: reaction time and mixing brands

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    Default 2 ?'s: reaction time and mixing brands

    We've had little Lucy for one month today The breeder sent me home with a mix of Royal Canin professional and Nutro Naturals young adult. Lucy's eyes were watering horribly. I thought maybe it was from her stitches (breeder had her vet do Lucy's entropion surgery), but the watering continued after the stitches were out. Lucy also had a yeast ear infection and didn't have a pleasant oder. After reading I ordered 3 small bags of Nature's Logic dry food; lamb, duck & salmon, and venison. I started with the lamb and within a week her eye watering decreased quite a bit; the bad oder is gone. I moved on to the venison. I probably started to rush things as I'd had good luck, started giving her the duck with salmon a week ago. Oh...I also started giving her a squirt of Grizzly Salmon Oil morning and evening, but started that three weeks ago. Today she's chewing at her paws. At the same time we've mowed the lawn for the first time this past weekend. long does it take for a food reaction to show up? My second question is: and since I can't start a new paragraph (I've not had that prob on other message boards) I'll boldface 2nd question. I'm spoiling this girl a lot...I'd like to settle on 2-3 dog food flavors so she can have some variety. I've read that Fromm's has two low grain foods. If I find she does good on Beef Frittata and/or Pork and peas, I doubt it will hurt to feed her both Nature's Logic and Fromms? She really likes all of the Nature's Logic flavors, but if I figure out she doesn't do well with one or more of those proteins I'd like to try Fromm's. Of course, I may discover it's the grass giving her fits. She does run around, then drop and roll around in the grass. Oh, I've looked at her paws and can't see any redness or sores. Thanks

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    ok bullies have allergies maybe more than some other breeds so i would not recommend feeding all these foods at one time esp if the dog is new to you. pick a flavor of natures logic and use it for a while like a couple of months and if no allergies then great pic another flavor n test n if no allergies great then you have something else to feed. bullies have sensitive stomachs and to many changes can upset it. now can you feed 2 foods at one time yes but i would not rotate n rotate on such a short basis. if you are going to feed 2 foods together then make sure there are no allergies n then do so for a bit like months. do not just rotate when the moment hits you. bullies thrive on consistancy and a routine. so pic a food and feed just that for a while then on to the next for a while. fromm is a good food also.

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