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Thread: What kind of food?

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    mabel lou

    Default Re: What kind of food?

    I just received the pamplet on both nutri source and pure vita both, I am looking into more of a holistic dog food, let me know if you decide to use it and how your dog reacted to it.

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    Default Re: What kind of food?

    Thanks so much for the response. Is the fromm puppy kind grain free as well?

    Quote Originally Posted by Vikinggirl View Post
    I love the Fromms brand of foods, they are a 6 star food, they have a Puppy Formula, called Fromms Puppy Gold, and their adult foods are also for all stages. They have 4 flavours. I would try the Puppy Formula and if he tolerates it, keep him on it until he's 6 or 7 months old, then switch to one of the adult formulas. I have my 2 on Fromms Beef Frittata, because my female is allergic to chicken and corn, and grains. I've heard a lot of good things about Blue Buffalo too, but am not sure if they have a puppy formula. The best people to ask questions regarding foods are Desertskybulldogs , and Cowsmom , they have a lot of experience in this department. Good luck, hope you find a food that works or you. I switched my guys 4 times before I found one that they tolerated. Did you transition the food slowly before switching? You should mix 2/3 of the old food with 1/3 of the new food, and increase slowly until its all new food, so their tummies can adjust to the new food. Otherwise they can get diarrhea.

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    Default Re: What kind of food?

    No the puppy isnt grain free.

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