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Thread: The Honest Kitchen...Human grade foods...Just a thought

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    Default The Honest Kitchen...Human grade foods...Just a thought

    So I see an email this morning from a dog website about the honest kitchen, so I click and I'm reading the below paragraph.

    "We make our human grade pet foods from dehydrated whole food ingredients. Dehydration is a slow process that just removes the water from fresh, raw ingredients. That means our foods are a concentrated source of nutrition, and all you have to do is add the water back when you’re ready to serve each meal. A 10 lbs box of dehydrated Honest Kitchen pet food will make about 40 lbs of fresh food, once rehydrated! Our foods are produced right alongside (and on the same equipment as) foods that humans eat, to ensure the very highest production standards are used at all times."

    Ok, so my thought or question, not really sure....but wouldn't raw/dehydrated dog food made on the same equipment as human grade food be possibly contaminated and not that safe for dogs...since they don't really have to use very good sterilization on the equipment handling meat for human consumption because we cook our meat anyways. I know dogs stomaches can handle more bacteria than ours but still just curious about anyone else's thoughts.

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    I have used The Honest Kitchens formulas for 5+ years... I believe that their products are as "safe" as any pet food, maybe even more so....but still a company (so hard to be 100% certain)... I recently, committed to preparing meals for my pups from scratch but if I need a commercial product for an emergency I will use THK....

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    I don't think they have ever had a recall so how long they have been around is also important. I have actually considered trying this food myself, just to see what it is like.

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