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I think it is important to vary their protein source and not stay with the same food all their lives... It's also good to have a backup in case they suddenly have an issue with what they are on. That brings me to our Earthborn experiment:
HRH does GREAT on FROMM Beef Fritatta but all of Fromm's other flavors have something in them that she doesn't do so well on,,, i.e.: chicken, salmon. This is the reason we tried the Earthborn Great Plains. She did so so on it but there were issues we didn't like seeing so we are now transitioning to Nature's Logic all natural, all American ingredients food. Its 6 star rated, just a bit higher protein that Beef Fritatta but should be fine if it works out else wise. Only two days into it so we'll see and let everyone know. The only reason we are doing this is to have a backup to the Beef Fritatta from FROMM!
gonna quite talking now as i dont think im explaining myself very well at all