Thank you all so much for your kind and supportive words. They comforted my heart deeply. I do believe i will love again, but i just don't know when. Will my heart ever heal? Do i mourn longer or do i try to find a new love? I know there's a lot of bull babies out there that need love and care, and I want to adopt every bully i see, i want to take them home and love them and take care of them, just as i did Winnie. I feel like my heart would just burst open with compassion and love, but i don' t want a rebound love but a true love. I want to have an open and mended heart to love as i did, my Winnie. I pray I will love again, that my heart will over flow with joy as new paw prints enter and make their imprint on it. I will be silent and listen intently to Gods will for me to heal and love again, until then I'll enjoy reading about your bully babies. Thank you again