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Thread: Need input on taking care of a PG Bulldog????

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    Default Need input on taking care of a PG Bulldog????

    I need input of taking care of a PG EB, and after it has pups??? What is the usual cost to charge a person for doing this?? I have talked to other breeders and get different answers so any input is needed????
    Today is day 3 of puppies life here on earth, Still working with Mom, only had to help bottle feed 1 day. She feeds well doesn't clean up, DAH, I know she's a Bulldog. LOL But the man will pick her up after pups eyes are open so I still have 2 weeks with them. He asked what I would charge?? I usually charge 1 pup/or cost of one pup and all expenses. Is that about right????
    ANY input would be appreciated. Oh, the man is out of town so that is why he couldn't do it, maybe he is out of town?? LOL

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    Default Re: Need input on taking care of a PG Bulldog????

    I am sorry but I am extremely confused about this post. Who is "the man" and why are they going to be taken from the mother after two weeks? That is too soon. The puppies need to be fed by mom for a MINIMUM of 3.5 weeks to be healthy and get all the good nutrients and immunities from mom. They should be fed every two hours with your assistance for the first 10 days. After each feeding you need to deficate them to make sure they have gone potty.

    This topic is going to be moved to the breeding section of the site as well.

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