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Thread: Question about stud dog. Any breeders please help.

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    Default Question about stud dog. Any breeders please help.

    When someone pays you a stud fee for a dog what typically are the fees for extraction from the vet? I also have a few other questions so if anyone want to send me a pm. I have a couple questions.

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    Default Re: Question about stud dog. Any breeders please help.


    AS allowed in this forum thread, I am a breeder. The costs can be several different ways.
    The stud fee can include the cost of collection and shipment. Collection runs about $35-$75.00 depending on the vet. Shipping in the correct container runs about $45-$65 depending on where it is being shipped. And ofc it has to be same day or overnight. The actual shipping containers can vary from disposable to reusable types.

    One one stud that I used, I paid for the stud fee and then I had to pay for collection and shipping at the other vet clinic. I had to pay $350 each time. I know it does not cost that much to collect and ship so either the vet clinic was making the money or the owner was getting the difference?

    Another stud I use, the price of the collection was included in the stud fee.

    You can arrange it however you want and the other person is willing to agree.

    Good Day~

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