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My English bulldog is 12weeks tomorrow and he doesn’t have that huge roll over her nose. Does that mean he’s not full blooded?
Thank you so much for the welcome, I love it here already you guys are so much help I appreciate it ❤️
Any chance she ate something bad? i've had bulldogs with a blockage, they ate a towel, blanket, even a cardboard box once!!! If it continues I would go to the vet ASAP. I would certainly change her food but I do not think it is the cause of your issue.
Hey Tracey thank you for the welcome. Hope to gets tons of knowledge here so we ca be the best doggy parents ever to Hank.
Hello, my 1 year old bulldog throwing up her food. Idk what to do. Everytime she eats she vomits. Should i change her food. Shes currently on purina pro plan. Help pls