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Hi there. Cooper is being a good boy.
Vernon has been keeping me posted on your messages and pictures. Greatly appreciate it and thank you for loving our little guy. Xo
Hello! I have not posted since 2014! I have a question regarding my senior bulldog Bruno. He has developed pink pimples around his face, one on his forehead and around his chin. They are itchy and cause discomfort. Anyone out there able to suggest how i can treat these? I have forgotten how to post to forums!


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Wasn't sure if Benny was the pups name but the Bully is a beauty.
How old is Mili?
She's 7 months now. She was on her 3mo birthday in that photo :)
7 months, wow you are going to enjoy the next 10 years for sure, there is nothing like having a bulldog. Gronk is my second, his brother passed on a while ago. I miss him so much.9CD52CED-97AE-44CC-AC05-B215FB22A5DC_1_105_c.jpeg
Hi bulldog lovers! We just adopted 2 english bulldog puppies, Male and female (Chief and Louise) We LOVVVEEEEE THEM SO MUCH


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Hi Christine! I can't seem to get the hang of this site. Guess I'm too old. Tried to post a couple of pics. but no-go. I miss the old site! Can't even find "private messages". Don' know much since the covid hosp. Just Was told I was at death's door Only remember the last 2 days, but now my hair is falling out. The only thing I had that was pretty good! I hope you and your 3 boys are well. Love ya, Lynn
Mt Bulldog is up every 2 hours at night, he is noctural? I have tried almost everything, Trazadone ( I dont like) Benedyrl hypes him up, I keep him up during the day , anybody have this problem, Im tried , he is 2 years old?
good to see you! hope your not too exhausted and your move is going well. how far is the distance

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I’m ok just eager to get moving. Running out of stuff to pack lolll. I’m out on the 26 so still need stuff not pack. I do check in once in a while but not as often. Thinking getting a bigger pup for the acreage. Not sure yet what. Looking at the Dutch Shepherd, German Shepherd, Bouvier, Giant Schnauzer or Doberman.
The longer hair dogs I’m debating cause the acreage has like a section of water much further down n my gut says since they love mud n water I’ll be cleaning/grooming daily. I would love the Giant Schnauzer but here in Canada there’s none.
My English bulldog is 12weeks tomorrow and he doesn’t have that huge roll over her nose. Does that mean he’s not full blooded?