vet recommendations

  1. winniebby

    Vets in Las Vegas

    Hey guys, this is my first post on here and was hoping to get some help. Not sure if any of you are from Las Vegas, NV, but I am looking for a vet that specializes or is very familiar with English bulldogs! I’m looking to get my 8 month old Winnie established at a good vet. Thank you! :)
  2. YokoDenver

    Need Denver vet

    I think my pup Loki blew out his knee. Unfortunately, Dr T Geiselhardt is sick along with 4 other vets at Homestead Animal Hospital and can’t see him until after 1/20/22 does anyone have another bulldog recommended vet I can take him to? I already took him to see his regular neighborhood vet...
  3. J

    Hiatal Hernia Help

    Afternoon, Does anyone know of any reputable vets in the southern New Jersey area? Our bulldog needs surgery and we are looking for someone with a good track record and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations. Thank you!