urinating on bed

  1. Kfam

    Puppy peeing in tiny spots on blankets/bedding

    Franny is about 15 weeks now. I THOUGHT potty training was going well but in the last day or 2 I’ve noticed she will make tiny spots of pee on blankets and bedding, even shortly after coming in from going outside! Most recent example is we went out for a walk today, came in, and before getting...
  2. Kay1290

    Behaviour problem or bladder problem??? 😕

    Hi guys, haven't been on here for a while, I've been sooo busy! Anyways I need some opponions on my little situation with Wilson. Ever since we had him (8 weeks old) he has had accidents on his bed, which is completely understandable when toilet training. He's 6 nearly 7 months now and tells me...