1. Vabulldog

    There are 2 ways to project adult weight. What are your thoughts?

    You can double 4 month weight. My pup just hit 20 weeks and he's 23lbs. So, that'd put him right around 46lbs. Of you can Take his current weight and divide it by current # of weeks and multiply by 52. So, 23/20 = 1.15 x 52 = 59.8lbs. Which scenario seems more likely from your experience? My vet...
  2. S

    Help Needed! Weight Loss from Giardia Parasite

    My 4 month old male Fitz was diagnosed with the Giardia parasite last week. My veterinarian prescribed him Metronidazole and Panacur. He is almost finished with the medications and he seems to be acting completely normal. No loose stools or vomiting! However my concern is that he has lost about...