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    Should we fly a bulldog??

    Hi all. First of all I'd like to say how nice it is to see such a nice and helpful group of people. Now for my dreaded question: My hubby and I are bulldog lovers, and we are also animal lovers :) We live in the UK but are planing to move to the USA in the coming months. Our neighbour has...
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    Travelling with An English Bulldog and Frenchie

    Hi, I currently live in Dubai and am moving this month out of the country. I have read up on bully travel and it has made me so nervous because I have only seen horror stories. We are being forced to travel with them in the Cargo- everything is air conditioned and pressurized from the vehicle...
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    HEADS UP If your're thinking about flying with your bulldog

    As some of you may know I am helping my coworker rehome her bulldog. She and I thought she would in fact be able to fly her bulldog with her to her new location. Our vet ( we go to the same vet) told us bulldog can fly. Unfortunately that isn't the case. 3 major airlines have banned bulldogs...