1. Vabulldog

    Puking bile

    Hey everyone, My boy Bruce is 5 months old. He is eating Taste of The Wild 3 times a day. He's 36 lbs and all is going well except he pukes bile from time to time. I usually noticed it when I go to take him out in the morning. I verified he's eating the right amount of food so I've switched his...
  2. michaelsbroly

    Help Needed! New English Bulldog Puppy 8Weeks old!! Wanting to Change to a higher quality food.

    Hi i am new to this forum, Broly an 8 week English Bulldog has just joined our family. We want the best for him and the breeder was feeding them Blue Buffalo puppy formula. I don't see that as a high quality food and his stools have never been really solid they range from runny to kind of solid...