tear stains

  1. NewEnglandBully

    NuVet Shampoo - Amazing!

    Recently I was offered some advice in my tear-stain battle quest. One of the suggestions I got was to try a product called "NuVet Plus". I decided to research this product, I really liked what I read so I went to the web-site to order it. There were other products on the website that I thought...
  2. NewEnglandBully

    Tear Stain Adventure Blog

    After trying a few grain-free kibbles and before diving into the world of "Raw", Bass is now going to try Brothers Complete. We have tried...Pioneer Naturals, Fromm, Natural Balance and TOTW...out of all of them, Pioneer Naturals seemed the best for tear stains, but they were still there. Now...
  3. bullyface

    Food advice at 17 weeks

    Hodor is almost done with his current bag of food and I'm wondering what we should do next. Here's the story, I'll try to keep it brief: We picked up Hodor from the breeder mid January when he was 11 weeks old. Breeder had him on Iams puppy food so we kept him on this when we brought him...