taste of the wild

  1. Cecil

    Taste of the Wild making dogs sick?

    https://www.consumeraffairs.com/pets/taste-of-the-wild.html This looks like most of the complaints are only a few days old. Has anyone experienced this? I was planning on feeding TOTW to my puppy when he comes home in a few weeks but now I am really hesitant. I used it before and my puppy loved...
  2. D

    Other Loss of Hair/Darkening skin on sides - FOOD ALLERGY!

    Around a year old we decided to switch Cupcake over to adult food, and decided to change her from Merrick's since the company had been bought out by Purina. Ultimately we chose to switch her to Taste of the Wild (Salmon). Shortly after making the switch we began noticing excessive shedding and...
  3. Vabulldog

    Puking bile

    Hey everyone, My boy Bruce is 5 months old. He is eating Taste of The Wild 3 times a day. He's 36 lbs and all is going well except he pukes bile from time to time. I usually noticed it when I go to take him out in the morning. I verified he's eating the right amount of food so I've switched his...