1. colinrac

    Bulldog Diaries Update! Feat. Stella!

    Hey everyone, I'm back with some new Bulldog comics! Check it out. :D You can follow Bulldog Diaries on Facebook, Instagram and on the official website.
  2. A

    "Hi" from Ange and "Lets play lets play lets play" from Stella

    Hello everyone, what a great site! Stella is a New Zealand born English Bulldog who is currently 5 months. Through this site I have come to learn my little chunky monkey's ways are very breed specific to the awesome bully. Reading trough this site is a regular thing for us and knowing that if...
  3. colinrac

    Stella, the star of my webcomic

    Hi everyone, I presented myself earlier in the Introduction forums, now I'm showing you some Stella pics. She's amazing! When she was a puppy... Posing... Cheering for our hockey team! She's always making that face. 90's album cover fish-eye stylin! Check out my webcomic featuring...