1. T

    Help Needed! Entropion Eye Surgery

    Hi all! I am new to the site but would like some opinions/help. My bully is 6 years old. She had entropion eye surgery on wednesday 8/16 on both eyes. She had an ulcer on her cornea from continual scratching of the eyelashes, hence why we went ahead with the surgery. We saw a specialized vet...
  2. nayabully

    Cherry Eye Recovery Redness

    Hello everyone, We have had Naya for about 7 weeks now. A couple days before we picked her up from the breeder, she got cherry eye in one of her eyes. Both of her eyes were tacked by the breeder's vet. I read online that recovery could range from a week to few weeks, however, the redness was...
  3. J

    Other any experience with fecal incontinence after tail amputation?

    hello all, this is my first post. my 3 year old girl had her tail amputated 2 days ago after a year and a half of trying to treat her chronic tail pocket infections and skin irritation conservatively. she had an inverted screw tail which was extremely tight and difficult to care for. we saw 2...