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    Barf Diet Newbie

    hi, i have a 2 year old english bulldog . i just started his barf diet 2 days ago . everything is fine , i’m just looking for pointers and to make sure i’m doing it right . this is his stool the second day of the diet. and i would also like some help to make sure i have the nutritions ok and...
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    Weaning 4 week old pups.

    I have a couple questions about weaning a 4 week old pups. (keep in mind they have been hand fed since birth) 1) How much should the pups be feed puppy mush and how often? 2) Should I start giving them water as well or will the water in the puppy mush be sufficient for them? 3) I usually feed...
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    Advice: Home Cooking for 4 month old Bully

    Hi! I'm very new to this :yes: We have a 4 month old bully, Clive. He's such a good boy and like most, has a great appetite! When we brought him home, we continued him on the kibble the breeder was feeding him until the bag ran out. We weren't keen on this brand of kibble so we then decided...
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    Looking to switch to raw food diet

    Hello guys my English Bulldog just turned 12 weeks old and I have been doing my research. We are looking to switch him to a raw food diet. I have a few questions. Where do you get the recipes for the raw food diet? Also how easy is it to transition from regular dog food to a raw food diet? Has...