raw diet

  1. Maxthebulldog1210

    General Question Small batch patties?-Raw

    Just started Max on small batch diet, he was on acana duck/pear for a long time. Transition has been going smooth, well I went cold turkey but he seems to be doing alright. Has anyone ever used this?
  2. J

    Barf Diet Newbie

    hi, i have a 2 year old english bulldog . i just started his barf diet 2 days ago . everything is fine , i’m just looking for pointers and to make sure i’m doing it right . this is his stool the second day of the diet. and i would also like some help to make sure i have the nutritions ok and...
  3. B

    Looking to switch to raw food diet

    Hello guys my English Bulldog just turned 12 weeks old and I have been doing my research. We are looking to switch him to a raw food diet. I have a few questions. Where do you get the recipes for the raw food diet? Also how easy is it to transition from regular dog food to a raw food diet? Has...
  4. R

    Need help picking new food or possibly raw diet due to allergies

    Hello, I am in need of some help. Currently we have switched over our soon to be 4 month old bully from royal canine to Fromm heartland grain free puppy. He started off great solid poop and all but about a week into being on Fromm he started itching all over and biting/licking his paws as well...
  5. D

    Raw Feeding & Bones ?!!

    Hey everyone! Newbie here! ::waves:: I have just started my 1+ bully boy on a raw diet. Everything is going really well, but I am scared to DEATH to give him bones! I'm afraid he'll choke or have some digestive issue. (His jaw alignment is pretty good, but he's definitely an inhaler.) How do...