puppy photos

  1. Vabulldog

    What's taking so long?

  2. LolaLouise

    Hello All

    We are the proud parents of a Victorian Bulldog and her name is Lola Louise. She just turned 7 months old. I found this site over the weekend while looking for information for various things bulldog. What a bunch of valuable info in here and things I have not found out about or even knew about...
  3. RaRett

    ***WARNING*** Cuteness Overload ! ! ! **Your have been warned**

    Hi, I'm Missi, I've finally found my name -- I was born in MISSI-ssippi :) I am your Queen ! What do you mean we are out of cookies? Riding Shotgun ! ! ! ! (Daddy kept dying at his game today -- I tried to help him with his mouse) Yes, you will give it to me... just because....
  4. C

    Marvelous (Mad?) Madam Mim

    I've gotten a few photos since I last posted. 3w4d - :::squish::: 4w5d 7w4d - Her black is filling in nicely on her nose/lips. First bath We have the date for picking up Mim. The window is very small, so it's going to be a trick doing it, heh. My cousin's family is getting to her mom's...