puppy food

  1. S

    Age to switch from puppy kibble

    Hi! At what age did you switch your puppy to an adult formulation? Our breeder suggested as early as now (4 months old) and my AKC flyer from registration also mentioned switching by 6 months old. The reason was for the %ages in a puppy formulation not being good for bulldog bone structure...
  2. N

    Baby Nutrition Needs

    Our new boy came home with us last night. He will be 12 weeks old on Wednesday. The breeder had him on Royal Canin bulldog puppy food. I will be cooking his food for him along with my other two dogs (different breeds). Is there anything I need to do differently for a puppy? I use Balanceit.com...
  3. B

    Puppy food

    Hey all I am looking for suggestions I have a 5 month old English bulldog and he has soft stools. The are formed but not as hard as I would like. I feed him Royal Canin puppy 1.5 cups twice a day. Any suggestions on a different type of food or if I should lower it to 1 cup twice a day
  4. Cecil

    Taste of the Wild making dogs sick?

    https://www.consumeraffairs.com/pets/taste-of-the-wild.html This looks like most of the complaints are only a few days old. Has anyone experienced this? I was planning on feeding TOTW to my puppy when he comes home in a few weeks but now I am really hesitant. I used it before and my puppy loved...
  5. J

    Orijen Puppy Food

    Awesome forum and thank you in advance to all the great members on here. I've been trying to research feeding schedule for Keira our 6 month old English Bulldog. We already worked thru a couple brands and found that Orijen Puppy worked amazing. She loves it and thankfully doesn't even have gas...
  6. B

    Quality Puppy Food

    Hows it going everyone? I am getting my first English bulldog in 10 days, real excited, want to keep the puppy healthy and not feed it the crap food that is at every store, The breeder said he feeds them Fromm puppy and will give me a small bag of that when I get her.. I have saw the best...
  7. davidjak

    Best Food Brand, Supplements

    Hi guys! My girlfriend and I are officially picking up our first bully, Chubs, this coming Thursday.I attached the 2 photos I have of him:D We have been prepping nonstop for the new puppy, and have officially bought everything we need to maintain Chubs and keep him beautiful. However, I still...