puppy ears

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    Is my EB ears normal?

    Hi everyone! I recently got my first puppy for my birthday (my dream breed) and have a quick question on if Roland’s ears are supposed to look like this or will they flop down? He is 4 months old and the sweetest thing ever!
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    EB Ears

    Hello, Happy Tuesday! I am going to be purchasing a puppy soon and he has one limp ear and one rose bud ear. He will be 8 weeks when I get him. His dad has big floppy ears, and his mom has rose bud ears. I love the look of floppy ears, so is there I way to humanely and safely make the other...
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    Misshapen Ears??

    After spending 4 days in a traditional, hard plastic E-Collar, my 10 week old puppy’s ears went from normal, low lying ears to high, pointed ears! Will they relax back to normal shape on their own? I keep massaging his ears. I’ve switched his cone/E-Collar to an inflatable style collar.