1. E

    Help Needed! Hip dysplasia with luxation - FHO versus THR

    Hi everyone. We are longtime readers of this thread, and we thank you for all of your helpful advice. We have a 10 month old bulldog, who unfortunately after she was spayed had hip luxation (out of socket) on both sides. We absolutely do not blame our vet. On the X-ray there are signs of...
  2. T

    Help Needed! Entropion Eye Surgery

    Hi all! I am new to the site but would like some opinions/help. My bully is 6 years old. She had entropion eye surgery on wednesday 8/16 on both eyes. She had an ulcer on her cornea from continual scratching of the eyelashes, hence why we went ahead with the surgery. We saw a specialized vet...
  3. AdorabullHenry

    Tear ducts are red and raw

    My poor Henry's eyes water a bunch. We try to keep them dry and clean with witch hazel, but I was really sick over the weekend and neglected his grooming. Now his tear ducts are red and inflamed and one side looks very raw. Any advice on what I can put on him to soothe and heal it? I don't want...
  4. E

    Hotspot in Tail Pocket! Healing time?! Help!

    Hi all, New to this forum so if this question has been asked, I apologize. My 5 yr old english bully Eggo is suffering from a bout of hotspots. It started when we moved to a more humid, rainy climate and exploded a couple of days ago. I had been bathing him in some antibacterial shampoo given...