1. ArchieAlanBoBoWilliams

    Hi im new

    Hi I'm new here..Archie the EB, 5 years old and from Wales in UK. Raw fed for the past 2 years. Loves the beach and snuggles!
  2. P

    Hello from New Mexico, at least at the moment...

    My husband, Brad, and I are new bully parents and could not be happier. Our little EB Gunner is now four and a half months and he is the most adorable little mug. We had our daughter's 2 large dogs living with us until she married and moved into a home with room for them, which worked out well...
  3. E

    hi, I AM NEW HERE

    hello everybody, its Ellena mishra writting here from chicago. Exciting to be joining the group. hope to interact with alot of you.Late happy new year:D And say hi to Lapy
  4. C


    Hello all! Just wanted to say hello and say that I'm excited to have a place to go for questions, answers or just to share! Me and my wife have a Bulldog named Tilly and she is a joy to be around! Full or love and stubbornness at times ha! Have a great day!
  5. A

    Hello from Australia!

    Hello everyone - typing from sunny, warm Australia! I stumbled across this site today (thank god) and couldn't not join! I have a 2 year old French Bulldog named Cypha I hope I will be welcome here - this site has been so helpful already! Thanks guys! :D:D
  6. wendyk313

    Hi Everyone - New Bully Parent

    My name is Wendy and I adopted Bella, a 3 yr old EB on 2-25-15. I adopted her from a local no Kill shelter. They received several EB from an unfortunate animal hording situation. Bella is a super sweet and loving EB. She was kept in this tiny cage and her coat was a mess. But it gets worse...