1. A

    need advice on new baby

    I have a 4 yr old male names Butch. I have adopted an 11 month old female, Baby. I had forgotten how "energetic" a young bullie can be. I need advice. Butch acts as if he will have a heart attack after 10 min of play. Should I really limit their hard play time because of the age difference...
  2. N

    All new to it

    Hello my names Nadine, I live in the uk and have a beautiful 7month old bulldog pup
  3. Cali Doll

    Bulldog Names~

    Is anyone obsessive like me? When I knew I was getting a girl bulldog, I started thinking of names. I created a list. :blush2: What other names were you considering for your bulldog? Or, if you had/have no list... Why did you choose your bully's name? My list: Bella Daisy Molly Sassy...
  4. Vikinggirl

    We Went On a Walk Today

    We took Dozer and Blossom on a long walk today, and they were sporting their new K9 Julius Harnesses with their names on the side.
  5. Vikinggirl

    2014's Most Popular Puppy Names

    2014's Most Popular Puppy Names by VETDEPOT on DECEMBER 2, 2014 The new year is a just a few weeks away, which means it’s time to celebrate the best of 2014. For some families, the year brought a cuddly new canine addition. Below are 2014’s most popular puppy name choices. Did your pup’s...