must watch

  1. hdhungryman

    Stubborn Golden Retriever - Subtitled Version

    It's morning and Gordo wants to get his breakfast on. Dino has not interest whatsoever to move over and let Gordo get by. Now it's time for Grandma to step in and resolve this situation before it gets out of hand (or paw in this case...LOL!!!). Stay tuned to see how this saga ends.
  2. hdhungryman

    Our English Bulldog is Afraid of Going Down the Stairs

    Gordo is suddenly scared to go downstairs... only one thing can give him the courage he needs to get moving... :unsure:
  3. hdhungryman

    Sleeping with my dogs

    Gordo & Dino don't mind sharing their bed with Grandpa. Just One rule: No drooling!
  4. hdhungryman

    The Greedy Dog