1. M

    Moving and need new vet

    My husband and I with our two english bulldogs are moving to Peachtree City, GA. I am looking for any insight on a good vet that specializes in english bulldogs or one that is highly recommended for that breed. Any help is greatly appreciated! Hope to make some new bully friends up there as well.
  2. megdav

    pee pee stains on rug

    so of course we've had a few pet stains since we've had dozer :) does anyone have any suggestions on how to clean these? steam? cold water? We might be moving by the end of jan and are looking ahead to how to clean the stains.
  3. C

    Moving across country with Bulldog in Truck

    My English Bully Agnes and I are moving from Florida to Colorado in a little less than 2 weeks. We will be driving a Penske Truck (bucket seats) and spend 3 nights at dog friendly hotels along the way. I was hoping to get some advice on how to keep her secured / comfortable during the trip. Of...