1. OpieRay

    Montana Vets

    Hello! Hopefully this is the correct place to post this, as it does pertain to Opie's health. We have officially relocated to Billings, MT. We have little resources here and are hoping someone on here knows something or someone who can point us in the right direction. We are on the hunt for a...
  2. Spants

    Newbie from Montana!!

    Hello everyone from me and my bully Sassypants! We've been best friends since I adopted her from the local shelter about four years ago. We are excited to get to know everyone and learn some things along the way!! (Like learn how to attach photos correctly!!)
  3. D

    Dog Friendly Western States

    So, Ms. Daphnee will be 10 in June. She's has 23 states under her collar and looking to go out west for her big birthday. The New England area is super dog friendly and very accommodating and easy to find lodging. How is "out west"?? I know that the National Parks are not dog inviting...