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    Chemotherapy used on bulldogs: please share your experience

    Our precious bulldog, Mack, has been diagnosed with lymphoma. The only real treatment option is chemotherapy, which will not even cure the disease, but will hopefully put him into remission so we can have him around for another 6-14 months. If we don't treat with him chemotherapy, he may last...
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    URGENT!!! Our bulldog Mack has been diagnosed with lymphoma

    Our beloved English Bulldog, Mack, has just been diagnosed with lymphoma. He is only 5 years old. The diagnosis is based on chest x-rays showing multiple enlarged lymph nodes in different locations and elevated calcium in his blood. The doctor wants to do a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis and to...
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    URGENT!!! 4th day in ICU - neurological issue unclear. Possibly Encephalitis or Lymphoma

    Hoping for some help or direction. Our 2.5 year old english bulldog Jaxson had what appeared to be a seizure Thursday night (July 28th) and 4-days later is still in ICU with cause unknown. Will try to give as much detail as I know. Suggestions, own experience, help would be greatly appreciated...
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    Help Needed! Lymphoma

    I'm new to this forum so forgive me if I'm not posting this correctly. I have a three year old male English Bulldog that was diagnosed with Lymphoma in mid October 2014. We saw an Oncologist on October 30th. We did not opt to do any type of treatment. My question is...has anyone dealt with a...