1. agingermom

    Petey is 1!! Sing happy birthday with us

  2. agingermom

    Introducing my new fur baby

    I just put a deposit on a frenchie!! He is 3 weeks old! I can pick him up on Oct 20, which seems so far away. We are fighting over names now but I am digging the pirate theme. I had some help with the decision from my friend @Davidh making sure I made a good choice. And of course @bullmama...
  3. agingermom

    Arnold on Christmas morning

    Arnold is no dummy! He has learned wrapped presents sometimes have treats for him in them so he got right in the middle of Christmas!!
  4. agingermom

    My new Granddaughter

    Introducing my new grandaughter (my first biological one!!), Miss Ailyn Marie. She was born on Dec 12 after giving her mom hell!! She was 7 lbs 8 0z and 20 inches long. My son is still in Army bootcamp so missed her birth but will be home on Thursday to enjoy her company for 2 weeks!!
  5. agingermom

    dear Santa