1. Meaty6051

    Hello Everyone! We just joined, and look forward to getting to know you all.

    My name is Meatball Christopher, and I am 10 years old, living in Colorado with my mum (who is English, as you can tell!). My mum has loved browsing your site, and seeing how you all share your tips and advice. I am having some itchy problems at the moment. I had a shot from the vet on...
  2. R

    Need help picking new food or possibly raw diet due to allergies

    Hello, I am in need of some help. Currently we have switched over our soon to be 4 month old bully from royal canine to Fromm heartland grain free puppy. He started off great solid poop and all but about a week into being on Fromm he started itching all over and biting/licking his paws as well...
  3. L

    Help with Dandruff and Itching!!

    Hello fellow Bulldog owners, as this is my new thread please forgive me if I don't post correctly or anything. (Still trying to figure it all out!) Anyways! I have noticed earlier today when i was brushing my bulldog (2.5 yrs old) that she had little white specks on her coat that I am assuming...
  4. A

    Moderate to severe allergies my 2 year bully need some advice please

    My bully is 2 years old and yesterday we noticed signs of itching and hives. It has been progressively getting worse. We have been accustomed to these reactions and usually treat her with Benadryl 25mg tabs which usually clear it up. We took her to a pet hospital today, and they ended up...