house breaking

  1. Kfam

    Puppy peeing in tiny spots on blankets/bedding

    Franny is about 15 weeks now. I THOUGHT potty training was going well but in the last day or 2 I’ve noticed she will make tiny spots of pee on blankets and bedding, even shortly after coming in from going outside! Most recent example is we went out for a walk today, came in, and before getting...
  2. betterxthanxnew

    Been a while... :)

    Well, it's been a while since I've been on here. I've found myself gravitating back to the site lately so I thought I'd do an update post :) Effie turned 2 in January. She is an absolute joy. I couldn't possibly love her more. She had a vet appointment last week, and we learned that she now...
  3. A

    crate training/ house training help

    hello, I'm a newbie to this site and a new EB pawrent. We've had our new addition for 2 weeks now and he's 9months. I have yet to purchase a new crate (the one I had he would drag it across the floor :rolleyes:) but wil this week. I currently keep him in my bathroom while I'm at work and at...
  4. M


    My 15month old EB will sneak away to go potty in the house behind the dining room table or on the landing of the stairs and sometimes on my bed when i leave the room to get something. I feel like he knows its bad, thats why he hides when he does it. When i say lets go potty, and we go outside i...