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  1. dmcguinness37

    8 Month Old Puppy Throwing Up While Sleeping

    Hi Folks! I had a quick question about my 8 month old puppy Russell. He's been throwing up more than I would consider normal and I'm struggling to get to the bottom of why. I'd say it happens about once or twice a week. He will be sleeping peacefully and will suddenly wake up, stand and start...
  2. N

    Rear leg thumping/shaking

    Hi all, First time poster, I have a bulldog named Jade who is about 10 years old now. Something when she gets up to walk around or we are going outside to pee, she will sit down immediately and her rear leg with shake/thump on the ground for a few seconds. She seems fine and I rub her leg and...
  3. T

    What weight on average should a 10 day old pup be at?

    I know this may be a very broad question, but i cant help ask as i see videos online of some huge puppies and my pups are only at 9-110z at 10 days old and i see some folks claiming puppies this age should be around 20oz. i strictly bottle feed around 6 times per day. and the puppies drink about...
  4. B


    I just purchased my English Bulldog who is 12 weeks old, and all of sudden this popped up on his face. I think it is a histiocytoma. I'm worried about it near his eye, does anyone have any advice or suggestions
  5. Pamperedchefjen

    Help Needed! Treating a mysterious allergy?

    Hi! I have read everything I can find for allergies and I suspect my 8 yr old boy has some allergy, but we are having trouble and I am wondering if you can recommend a next step for us. Just a little history. Spring 1 & 2 with us, he had diarrhea and we did a basic allergy test with no results...