1. PeggyV

    Play, play,playyyyyyyyy

    I read on an English Bulldog site that bulldogs typically sleep 20 hours a day, which I thought sounded excessive. Grace, who is 12 weeks, apparently did not read that article LOL. She plays and is awake at least half the day. I am just curious what other people have found true with their own...
  2. PeggyV

    Grace :)

    Just a few pics of my little girl, Grace :)
  3. PeggyV

    nappy time weirdness?

    So my Grace is 12 weeks old, and a joy to be around (mostly lol) but she has this weird habit when she's ready for a nap. She will play, play, play and then tire and want to lie down for a nap, but she seems to have a need to be put to bed? She will stop playing, go to my recliner and start...
  4. PeggyV


    My name is Peggy and I am new to the English Bulldog breed. I have had dogs all my life, but I make it kind of a policy that I never get the same breed twice so that my new pup never has to live in the shadow of my previous furbaby. My last baby's name was Hope. She was a Chinese Shar-pei and...