1. colinrac

    Bulldog Diaries - New website!

    Hi everyone, I post some bulldog comics on the forum sometimes, starring my own english bulldog Stella! Just letting you know I have a brand new website. You can subscribe there for emails update. Take a look! Official website: Bulldog Diaries You can also check it out on Facebook: Bulldog...
  2. colinrac

    Bulldog Diaries Update! Feat. Stella!

    Hey everyone, I'm back with some new Bulldog comics! Check it out. :D You can follow Bulldog Diaries on Facebook, Instagram and on the official website.
  3. colinrac

    Bulldog Diaries / Animated Webseries

    Hi everyone. I posted a bunch of comics about my bulldog Stella a while back. Since it was popular (especially on Facebook) I decided to start an animated web series. Here's the first episode. There's gonna be more (even though it took me around 12 hours to do this one...), so if you're...
  4. hdhungryman

    Stubborn Golden Retriever - Subtitled Version

    It's morning and Gordo wants to get his breakfast on. Dino has not interest whatsoever to move over and let Gordo get by. Now it's time for Grandma to step in and resolve this situation before it gets out of hand (or paw in this case...LOL!!!). Stay tuned to see how this saga ends.
  5. colinrac

    Bulldog Diaries № 24 - "Mother Nature"

    On Tapastic: On Tumblr: Bulldog Diaries : Photo On Facebook: On Twitter: Please share on your social networks if you like! :-D
  6. colinrac

    Silly English Bulldog owner and webcomic artist

    Hi mates, I'm Colin, from Montreal Canada, and I own a two years old bulldog called Stella. Here's a portrait of myself and Stella. She's a doll, and I love her very much. So much in fact, that I created a webcomic in her honour. Fellow bulldog owners, I'm sure you'll see your own bulldog in...