food allergy

  1. babytrappy


    Hello! My English bulldog is turning 9 months soon. When i got him he was in health extension or something i forgot what it’s called because it’s terrible!!! I hated that his tear stain was bad and his stool was so soft and his coat wasn’t as shiny. So i made the switch right away to TOTW grain...
  2. Vabulldog

    Best food for English Bulldogs

    Hello everyone, I was wondering what the best food you would recommend feeding an adult English Bulldog and why? Bruce drags his face along the carpet and furniture because of itchy eyes. He also wiggles around like there is an itch he can't get to on his back. I've tried: 1. Taste of the...
  3. B

    Help Needed! Food Allergy !

    Hey, my english bulldog lately has been scratching so much. She's only 5 months old. I'm not sure what to do, I really think she has a food allergy, but I'm not sure what type of food will help her get better. I had her on Royal Canin, but she didn't really like it, then I went to holistic...
  4. R

    Need help picking new food or possibly raw diet due to allergies

    Hello, I am in need of some help. Currently we have switched over our soon to be 4 month old bully from royal canine to Fromm heartland grain free puppy. He started off great solid poop and all but about a week into being on Fromm he started itching all over and biting/licking his paws as well...
  5. M

    Input Needed Regarding Respiratory Issues

    I have a 3 yr old male bully. After about a year, he occasionally threw up after eating (often inhaling his food, not chewing it). I started feeding him very small amounts at a time and usually wetting the food. That helped. But he also throws up if he gets worked up and runs around a lot. He's...
  6. rramos


    Rocky, My almost 2 year old male white English Bulldog started developing bald spots first on his front paws then on both of his sides since last November and it keeps getting worse. I have taken him to his vet and she has done all testing possible and ALL tests have come back negative. She came...
  7. A

    Help Needed! Feeding blue buffalo- wilderness. Dealing with gas

    I have adopted my first bulldog from a friend of mine. He is a five-year-old intact male. He's wonderful but there is an issue. I switched him from a presidents choice food to blue Buffalo and although his itching has subsided, he seems to have more gas. This is a salmon-based food. It is grain...