1. D

    Help Needed! Looking for advise and help

    Hello! I adopted, I like to think rescued :), my first OEBD 2 days ago. I had a boxer for 8 years, my husband and I split and he kept the dog :(. There was a hole there so I started thinking about getting another baby. I hadn't made up my mind as to what I wanted quite yet and I unexpectedly...
  2. nachothebulldog


    HELP PLEASE!!! My 9 week old EB got some fleas! :(:(:(:( Yesterday I found TWO fleas on him. He is NEVER around any dogs. I do take him outside to the driveway/ grass area to potty and pee but thats about it. He has been scratching behind his head and behind his ear. I have been trying to find...
  3. Dollys Owner

    flea/tick/heartworm poll

    Hi everyone: Flea/tick prevention season coming up again. I plan to start up in April for fleas/ticks and June for heartworm. Last season I was using K9 Advantix II for tick and flea prevention and Advantage Multi for heartworm as per my vet's recommendation. There's a duplicate ingredient for...
  4. Kimmieq

    Safe ideas for flea prevention?? I'm concerned about safety of oral meds!

    Hello everyone, I am looking for suggestions on how to make sure we don't get fleas this summer without the use of harsh oral preventatives. We used Frontline for years but Fletcher was not doing so well with it, it's harsh on his skin and leaves a red, angry spot on his shoulder area pretty...