1. B

    ADVICE NEEDED - 6mo Old EB Puppy - can no longer walk

    Hello All Bulldog Lovers - I recently got an EB puppy.. She is 6 months old and was full of life until, Wednesday 3/16/2022. She threw up around noon and was acting very funny, frozen in her stance, walking slowly, could tell she was in pain and was having trouble breathing. I gave her water and...
  2. staciepap

    Help. Do you recommend 2 girl bulldogs or girl/boy bulldogs combo

    Hi there, I wondered if you could help me. I have a beautiful girl English bulldog named coco who we decided to breed because we wanted another bulldog and decided the best way for her to bond with the puppy was to have her own. It has been one heck of a ride but so worth it. We have 3...
  3. S

    First heat cycle - need help!!

    Like many here, I decided to wait to spay until after the first heat cycle. Well, today is the day our little Gracie became a "woman"! :faint: I've never been through this with a dog. I have been reading about what to expect but it seems so broad and varied. Please share any tips and advice...
  4. T

    Help Needed! Raising 2 female litter mate English bulldogs

    Hi everyone! I am new to this site and looking for some helpful tips on raising female litter mate English bulldogs. These adorable ladies are our first family pet. We have had them for one week now and they are almost 10 weeks old. As I google, I get a lot of info regarding raising litter...